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Creating a mentally healthy workplace is crucial to reducing employee stress, anxiety, and burnout, leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Investing in a mentally healthy workplace benefits employees and the organisation, contributing to better overall health, wellbeing, and success.

Unlock eight proven strategies to foster mental wellness in your workplace and help your employees thrive.

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Well Fed Minds offers mental health workshops and group coaching sessions for businesses that value their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. In this fast-paced, productivity driven era, mental illness in the workplace has become a serious issue.

My workshops & group coaching sessions ensure you encourage a workplace that promotes mental health and wellbeing. This culture will lead your staff to experiencing improvements in their engagement, productivity and motivation, along with finding more joy, happiness and connection with others, which are all cornerstone to overall health and wellness.


Attending a Well Fed Minds workshop helps participants understand how their current lifestyle habits are impacting their mental health, happiness, resilience and relationships, and gives them the tools to integrate positive lifestyle changes.


During a group coaching session, teams build on the basics that have been learned in the workshop. They develop personalised, actionable habits via a model of self-awareness, insight, support and collaboration. At the end of the session, participants come away with their own personalised ‘Mental Wellness Plan,’ which empowers them to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle.


Something many people struggle with in modern life is establishing consistent, healthy habits that lead to good physical and mental wellbeing. The personal benefits are obvious, but it’s something so many people challenged to get a handle on.

I have a keen understanding of how challenging it can be, as I’ve personally struggled with it at points in my life.

One thing I know is this: when you are feeling unhealthy, unhappy and disconnected from yourself and others, it’s important to take control.

Once you make changes to your mindset, eating patterns and the way you move your body you become calmer, more resilient and are able to improve your relationships. It means you can then live your best happy and healthy life.


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