Why Employee Health is Key to Business Success

The importance of prioritising our mental and physical health is critical, which we now better understand as a society. However, not just individuals benefit from prioritising health – employers stand to gain just as much. As a company’s greatest asset is its employees, employers must prioritise the health and well-being of their workforce. Not only does this lead to a more productive and engaged workforce, but it can also save the company money in the long run.

Here are five tips on why employers should care about employee health:

  1. Increased Productivity: According to a recent study by Medibank Private, healthy employees are three times more productive than their unhealthy counterparts. By promoting healthy habits, such as regular exercise and nutritious eating, employers can create a culture of productivity that benefits everyone.
  2. Reduced Absenteeism: Another Medibank Private study found that healthy employees take fewer sick days than their unhealthy peers. On average, employees who exercise regularly take six fewer sick days per year. Investing in employee health can reduce absenteeism and keep the workforce healthy and productive.
  3. Improved Employee Morale: Employees who feel they work for a company that cares for and invests in their health and wellbeing are more engaged and productive, leading to improved morale, reduced turnover, and a more positive work environment overall.
  4. Lower Healthcare Costs: According to a report by the Australian Government Department of Health, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as increased stress, poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to chronic illness that cost the Australian economy over $27 billion annually. By promoting healthy habits, employers can reduce the healthcare costs associated with chronic disease and save money in the long run.
  5. Enhanced Reputation: Employers prioritising employee health and well-being are more likely to attract and retain top talent. This can improve the company’s reputation and help it stand out in a competitive job market.

Caring about employee health is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also a wise business decision. By investing in the well-being of their staff, companies can improve productivity, increase employee engagement, reduce healthcare costs, foster positive company culture, and attract top talent. Let’s all commit to creating healthier and happier workplaces for everyone.

Is your company ready to invest in the health and well-being of your employees? Let’s discuss how we can work together to make positive steps towards a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Access the MindSalus App and complete your free online Wellbeing Workplace Audit today. 

Jessica Cairns

Jessica Cairns

Nutritionist & Health Coach

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